Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pre approval to host

In June of this year, an acquaintance from church was looking for anyone who would like to host a 14 year old boy by the name of Raymond from the Philippines. This would be through a hosting program sponsored by In His Hands Orphan Outreach ( in conjunction with Madison Adoption Associates ( . Earlier in the year we became aware of the program from our friend through adoption, Michelle. She is the president of In His Hands Orphan Outreach. After thinking it through in April, we decided not to. But when we heard about an orphan with no chance of coming here we said we would host Raymond. What is 3 weeks in when it could mean a forever home for one child.

Well, we thought, what if we want to adopt him. We were told if we really wanted to adopt, we should look at a boy in Beijing named Hudson. Twelve years old and healthy. Several thousand in fees waived and grants. So we looked and thought why not. Well, we were crushed when we were told he was locked in by another family. So we looked through Madison Adoption Assoc's list of children to place and saw Jeremy. What a sweet boy with some mental delay. So we were going to lock him in. Before we could, we received a call that Hudson was available again and that Jeremy was more delayed than first thought and they thought we should adopt him. Well, by then we were set in our plans and gave up on both boys. We went back to our lives as they are. Yes there was an empty spot.. Those who know us, will say WHERE??!!. LOL

We have three children adopted from China (Kali age 14, Kaci age 10, and Kole age 8), plus three terrific Boston Terrors, I mean Terriers... a doberman (sweet girl), a Shepard mix (another totally sweet girl) and a kitty. So now you wonder where is this empty spot.. well, in our lives. We have everything we could need to be comfortable and live a stable life. Why not help one more orphan possibly find their forever family.

Then on July 3 we received a frantic call from Michelle, a family was no longer going to be able to host John aka Jan-Jan. He is 10 years old and in the Philippines. Would we be able to host him? We took one look and said yes. He is a very skinny boy. Not very tall either.So we had less than a month to get qualified to host this boy. A week before we took a weekend long training on adopting older children which was required and we are finally done with all the homestudy (abbreviated) and DCFS paperwork and most clearances. In ten days on August 4, 2010 we will meet John Robinson for the first time as our foster son for 3 weeks.

For those that do not know August 4 is Kali's referral anniversary from 13 years ago. August 5, is Kaci's. Kole's was April 28. A lot of fours here and Jan-Jan was found April 2...
If we choose to adopt him, he will be our 4th child.

So here is where we begin Jan-jans journey.