Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A year and a half

Wow it has been a year and a half since John stayed with us over the summer.   The longing for him to be in our family has faded with the hope that there is a family out there for him. 

Today I had a glimmer of hope.  John may be coming back to the U.S. on another hosting trip. 

I hope the family is able to see all the goodness I saw in a little boy who just wants to be loved and in a family.  The circumstances that brought him to the orphange are staggering.  To think, a mother leaves her two year old with a guard to retrieve her bags and never returns...  A young boy crying for his mama every day...  Then he comes to the U.S.  A family takes him in, he starts calling them mom and dad.  He is hoping for the brother and sisters their to be his...  And it isn't to be.  That has weighed heavily on my heart.  I let him down.  We let him down.   

There was nothing physically wrong with John.  There really wasn't anything mentally wrong with John that a little bit of love patience and interaction couldn't solve.  He had no problem becoming attached to us in 3 weeks or us to him!   

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