Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two and a half weeks later

Wow...  is that all!  It seems as if it has been so much longer!   We still struggle with what will we do and will it be the right decision for our family and John.  I worry about him and pray for his safety and continued good health.  I pray for guidance with our decision that we have not made yet.  The kids are worried that if we adopt him we will not have enough time for them.  I understand their worry because we have the same worry.  I know we will do the right thing when we do make the decision. 

I would like to say that part of that decision is not about the cost of all the agency fees, and government fees and donations, but it is...  We have grown comfortable with our lives.  We also know that if we are going to adopt one more, now is the time before we both age out of the requirements.

Based on the three weeks, I think we could handle it.  We would have this crazy fall season with band and fall sports, but we have started allowing ourselves to depend on others who offer assistance to take the kids to their events or bring them home if we can't.  It is a feeling of acceptance in the community.  That is what I like about this small town.

We will, of course update when we have made a decision one way or the other.  I miss John and his silly song "baby I like it" rendition.

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